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About DSR Group

DSR specializes in a systemic approach to infrastructure project development encompassing activities in the areas of

Project conceptualisation to project commissioning

Research and analysis, feasibility studies

Procurement of technology & equipment

Project management and project financing

Infrastructure Development

It is vital for the sustainable economic growth and competitiveness of a country. Population growth and rapid urbanization are increasing the demands on infrastructure in the world, be it for roads, rail, waste management, water supply, or energy. The importance of infrastructure development cannot be overemphasized as it contributes to both the demand and supply side of the economy, giving rise to significant multiplier effects. Infrastructure development not only links the country’s many geographic regions and markets, but it also generates 0employment, provides clean water and energy, boosts living standards, makes health and education available to all, and encourages inward investment.

DSR Establishment

Established to provide the technical and engineering skills needed to provide appropriate solutions for the development of infrastructure. This focus, together with our culture of quality and long-term commitment, has been rewarded by valued collaborations with our clients who have recognised the knowledge, skills and experience we bring to the development of innovative, cost-effective solutions to their infrastructure projects. Our team of highly experienced specialists is driven by our mission and ethical values that guide every aspect of our work, ensuring assignments are not only delivered on time but push the boundaries of what is possible and provide our clients with the finest possible service.


Key Objectives

Our key objective is to apply our extensive expertise and experience for the benefit of our clients, to ensure effective, sustainable infrastructure can be developed at an optimal cost. This is DSRs contribution to the delivery of the infrastructure which is crucial to the growth of any economy.

Climate Change is our Business, We Care.

For some decades now, our planet has been going through the most significant crisis of nature known to humans. Climate change, produced mainly by global warming, is having a strong negative impact on nature with serious consequences for health, economic development and biodiversity.


Climate change encompasses not only the increase in average temperatures, but also extreme weather events, changes in wildlife populations and habitats, sea level rise and other impacts. All of these changes are emerging and getting worse as humans continue to add greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


Mitigating climate change and adapting to it are key challenges of the 21st century. At the center of these challenges is the question of energy, specifically, our total energy consumption and our dependence on fossil fuels.


To succeed in limiting global warming, the world urgently needs to use energy efficiently and at the same time embrace clean energy sources.

In full alignment with United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

We accept challenge of creating a future without carbon emissions as the only possible future

Our Commitment
Our Passion
Our Reason

DSR’S infrastructure consulting experts help government and other organisations overcome related to planning and implementing infrastructure strategy.


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