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We proudly introduce the new and
improved version of the Ventum wind
turbine,designed to harness the power of
the wind for on-site energy production,
storage, and consumption.

Produce renewable wind energy where you need it

Elevate your energy generation capabilities by installing the VX175 turbine on your building roof. The innovatively designed vanes can capture skewed winds over rooftops for excellent utilization of the augmented wind energy.

Capture wind from any direction thanks to the stationary shroud, ensuring minimal wind leakage and improved performance in unpredictable wind conditions.

The VX175 has fewer moving parts and minimal mechanical wear. This translates into lower maintenance costs, hassle-free operation, and a long life expectancy.

The turbine is not only an energy powerhouse but is visually pleasing and non-disturbing in any environment.

Minimal noise levels (40 dB @6m/s).

The VX175 is our first market-ready wind turbine, offering a rooftop-friendly solution for on-site power production.


The shroud design accelerates the wind,
allowing a greater volume of air to pass through the turbine.
This focused wind is directed straight toward and across the entire
rotor disc with minimal energy losses, optimizing power capture at the rotor.

Wind energy locally produced and used

The energy crisis has hit the industrial and commercial sectors hard with many businesses forced to curtail production to keep costs down.

Ventum Dynamics seeks to empower businesses to take control of energy costs, improve energy security, and cut carbon emissions all at once.

We offer a rooftop-friendly wind turbine for on-site power production, energy storage, and on-site energy consumption. The wind turbine can operate both grid-connected and off- grid, thereby helping to increase resilience in times of shortages and outages from other sources of electricity.

DSR Energy takes immense pride in its distinguished position as the exclusive distributor of Ventum Dynamics wind turbines. With an unwavering commitment to sustainable solutions and renewable energy, DSR Energy has forged a strong partnership with Ventum Dynamics to offer cutting-edge wind turbines that lead the industry in efficiency and innovation. As the sole distributor, DSR Energy empowers businesses and communities alike with eco-friendly energy solutions, reducing carbon footprints, and driving positive environmental impact. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing unmatched technical support and tailored solutions to our esteemed clients, ensuring they harness the full potential of Ventum Dynamics’ revolutionary wind turbines and accelerate their journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.

DSR’S infrastructure consulting experts help government and other organisations overcome related to planning and implementing infrastructure strategy.


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