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DSR is an experienced developer of hydrogen projects, able to fully integrate up and downstream considerations to provide and develop solutions for different sectors to reach net-zero targets. Our experience extends from developing end user demand to working across a range of production technologies as well as financing and engaging at local and national government level. We provide a 360 development and implementation service, with focus on local needs, circular economy and cost efficient solutions to bring the best of the future here and now.

A green future

Hydrogen is a crucial component in a net-zero future and the energy transition switching to clean sources of energy. For the transportation sector and hard to decarbonise industries such as steel and cement production, when cleanly produced, this gas provides the solution as it is a means of storing and releasing energy when needed as well providing clean combustion. In transport, hydrogen fuel cell heavy goods vehicles are already on the roads, with the benefit of only water emissions at tailpipe without losing any performance compared to diesel vehicles and quick fuelling times; something which battery HGVs cannot do. 

Green hydrogen

Green hydrogen is clean hydrogen. It is produced through methods that emit little CO2 and other harmful emissions. Electrolysis is the longest established technology, whereby a renewable source of energy such as wind or solar provides electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. However, this is water and energy intense, therefore to be economical it should only be deployed when these resources are in abundance. DSR therefore is also working with selected new and alternative technologies for green hydrogen production such as waste to hydrogen, always with the view to find the most efficient and secure solution, benefitting and being informed by the local economy and environment.

Waste to hydrogen

DSR is key player in bringing this exciting technology to customers. With our technology partner we provide not only a more economical manufacturing method of green hydrogen, but also with the direct benefit to the local community that local waste is used in the process, converted by plasma gasification into hydrogen. It is safe and proven technology that has been in use for many years but that has now been adapted to convert waste to hydrogen. 

DSR’S infrastructure consulting experts help government and other organisations overcome related to planning and implementing infrastructure strategy.


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