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Lincolnshire mini-wind turbines could revolutionise energy production

Spalding and Skegness the first areas in the UK to pilot them

Spalding and Skegness the first areas in the UK to pilot them

Two miniature wind turbines have been installed in Lincolnshire in a UK-first pilot scheme based on efficient and cost-effective renewable energy sources. Photo: Chris Vaughan Photography

A UK-first installation of miniature cost-effective wind turbines has been completed in Lincolnshire thanks to work done by councils along the south and east coast of the county.

Two 2m high wind turbines have been installed across South and East Lincolnshire, with one at the end of Skegness Pier and another at FreshLinc Ltd in Spalding.

The Spalding turbine has an on-grid power generator system, while the Skegness turbine is off-grid and will light up the attraction during the night.

The South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership, which consists of South Holland, Boston Borough and East Lindsey District Council, works in collaboration with businesses to help breed success and growth.

The latest example of this has been the introduction of Norwegian renewable energy technology to Lincolnshire, in the form of a three-month pilot promoting the production of green energy.

One can be found on Skegness Pier, and the other is here on the roof of FreshLinc Ltd in Spalding. Photo: Christopher Lewis Photography

Ventum Dynamics and DSR Energy teamed up with the South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership to roll out this pilot scheme, assisting with businesses and organisations that are hoping to achieve net zero targets in the coming years.

Given their significant reduction in size compared to regular wind turbines, these devices are more space-efficient and cost-effective, as well as being quieter and easy to mount onto rooftops.

The turbines capture wind from all directions without the need to turn, and it is hoped this three-month pilot scheme of the mini-turbines will revolutionise electricity generation in Lincolnshire and beyond.

It is a significant moment for Lincolnshire, with these two turbines being the first of their kind to be installed in the United Kingdom.

Cllr Lord Gary Porter visiting the FreshLinc Ltd turbine (left) and Cllr Steve Kirk, Nigel Welton and Graham Marsh in Skegness (right). Photo: South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership

Cllr Nigel Welton, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Economic Development at Boston Borough Council, saw both of Lincolnshire turbines being installed.

He said: “Ventum has landed in the South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership. There have been many people working hard behind the scenes to bring this to our region and it is fantastic to see them now up and running.

“Businesses are wanting solutions to be more energy efficient and reduce costs so it’s fantastic we have collectively been able to make this happen.

I am looking forward to seeing what green projects this will lead to in the future to drive investment, support businesses and growth.”

Photo: Chris Vaughan Photography

Cllr Nick Worth, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for the Economy at South Holland District Council, said: “This truly is fantastic technology which will revolutionise green energy particularly for businesses.

They can go up easily on a building, produce a lot of electricity and are far less intrusive than traditional wind turbines.

“I think they will be seen everywhere around the UK in the next few years, having started here in Lincolnshire.”

Cllr Graham Marsh, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Carbon Reduction at East Lindsey District Council said: “We get a nice breeze in Skegness so it is an ideal location to have this on Skegness Pier.

“I think this technology will be life-changing pieces of equipment for lots of homes and businesses as they are efficient and not intrusive.

“It is very exciting to be here doing this in partnership with businesses, investors and the Council.

“The council is actively involved in bringing forward projects which improve the whole aspect of living in this area.”

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